Simplicity is the final achievement.
— Frédéric Chopin

Bobby Burrows is a professional guitar player based in Seattle, Washington. He has been playing guitar throughout most of his life, eventually becoming a prolific session guitarist in the competitive Los Angeles studio scene. He has offered his guitar skills to countless major recordings, including releases from HMG/Universal Music Group.

Bobby has been inspired to play guitar by his family. In particular, his brother, Danny, was one of his first guitar heroes. His dad encouraged him to practice at least two hours a day, every day, in order to master his skills.


He would also learn more from listening to his favorite records and playing along to the songs. He would record riffs until he mastered them.

Recently, Bobby set out to focus on some of his own material and recorded a solo guitar album. “Everlasting” is filled with 12 astonishing tracks, telling Bobby’s story through music. The album also features two well-received singles titled “And So It goes” and “Touch The Sky.”

The album will be released on June 7th.